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The information on this site comes from me spending my own time and money researching the market and buying and selling shares.

It is not just another site banged out to be filled with advertising links nor is it somewhere where a paid journalist writes another set of articles as part of their day job.

As I believe that there is a lot of valuable information within this site, should I try and make any money from it?

I think yes, nothing wrong with that, but rather than filling the site with adverts that are annoying to the reader I decided to be direct and ask for donations.

I know that this is very "un-internetty" but if you are serious about investing I bet you have already bought some physical books, buy newspapers and talk about various companies whilst having a beer, wine or coffee.

Using PayM

Currently we accept donations via Pay M.

This is sometimes called Pay A Contact, Pay A Friend or other similar names and allows a small payment to be sent via a mobile phone banking app.

The suggested donation levels are shown to the right, but please feel free to make your own decision.

The number to send to is 07429 340861.
  • £1.99 - I read the site it was vaguely interesting and there were some new ideas.

  • £4.99 - I read the site and I will take serious note of what it says.

  • £19.99+ - I read the site and it has made a significant positive contribution to how I buy and sell shares.