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NMC Health – Is It Day Trade Only Share Now?


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Title: NMC Health – Is It Day Trade Only Share Now?
Company: NMC - NMC Health Plc
Share Price Then: 1275p
Author: Ian Smith
Date: Wed 08 Jan 2020
Comments: When Muddy Waters first released their comments I started to follow
NMC, before that they had never interested me.

I didn’t fully believe that MW were correct but certainly believed that they had to be pretty close to correct when the law suits didn’t start flying.

I did buy some shares on the 20th Dec (2019) and sold on the 23rd Dec on the basis that they had hit the low caused by the report and I didn’t want to be holding them when the novelty wore off and possibly MW turned out to be correct.

So today’s and yesterday’s drop from 1,800p to around 1,250p was not unexpected, but I was surprised when the two main share holder’s were reported as selling off a 15pc stake at 1,200p.

Given the MW report and the fact that the share price hasn’t been as low as 1,200p since mid 2016 it is inevitable that people may see this is getting out before more bad news. So why were the shares sold, surely the reported reason that the money was needed to repay debt is going to be questioned?

Does this mean that the share is now only suitable for day trading?
Even this seems too risky for me as an announcement during the day may be made or rumours of one may leak out.
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