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Date: Tue 19 Mar 2019
 Company: Capital & Regional plc
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Title: Capital & Regional – Simply In An Unpopular Business?
This is not a recommendation just something to think about.

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Disclaimers And Regulatory Notes

This site is not providing any form of advice and it is not encouraging share investing or trading, it is a personal view on strategy that some people may find interesting. For further clarification on what Advice Is you may wish to read the FCA document that makes it clear that information on this site is not financial advice.

MiFiD (Market In Financial Instruments Directive) - Personal Advice?

There is a specific exclusion in MiFiD38 for a recommendation given through a distribution channel (such as a newspaper or other media, including the Internet), where information is, or is likely to become publicly available. By its nature, a recommendation given through these distribution channels will not normally be a personal recommendation.......... The CESR Q&A39 made clear that, in deciding whether a personal recommendation was being given, one criterion was whether it would be reasonable to think that a personal recommendation is being made.

RAO (Regulated Activities Order) - Article 53(1) or not?

For advice to be regulated at all, it must relate to a specific investment.

The FCA clarification does not explicitly discuss strategy but it does make the following statement.

Advice to buy shares in the oil sector or shares with exposure to a particular country is generic advice because it does not relate to a specific investment and is not regulated.

Beginners Share Dealing / Beginners Share Trading

The internet is full of information on share trading and when I started I took a lot of it to heart.

After trading for a while I began to question a lot of what I was reading as it sounded sensible but did not relate to the reality that I was seeing.

So I created this web site as a place to publish my experiences and the views that I have formed as a private individual actually buying and selling shares with my own money.

Some of the pages may appear odd as they address issues that may not even appear to be an issue to people new to share trading, these may be the most valuable pages.

Having traded since the early 2000's I hope that they are at least thought provoking even if you disagree with them.

The two biggest issues that I found with the information readily available were
  • Most of the information seems to relate to trading by professional fund managers who have much more money to invest than I have and for a much longer timescale, they can afford to wait 50 years.

  • Almost none of the information that is more relevant to the private investor is backed up by the author having used their own money to do whatever it was that they were recommending.

One of the reasons for the dearth of relevant information is surprisingly obvious, before on-line share dealing there were very few private share traders. So there has been a very short period of time for anyone to gain and publish their experience.

Pre about the year 2000 there were dentists, solicitors, headmasters etc with shares but they were bought via brokers, generally taking the broker's advice on what to buy and then holding those shares until they retired.

What is really telling about all the advice available is that I have yet to see a financial advisor or wealth management company offer to reimburse some or all of your losses.

Clearly there would need to be caveats on any such guarantee but why are there no such offers?

This is of course a rhetorical question.

This is because the "Golden Rules" that everyone knows even before they start trading aren't really true, if they were so clearly true then it should be possible to offer the above guarantee.
  • Shares should be bought for the medium or long term.

  • Dividends should be reinvested in the company.
Both of these views are very seriously questioned within this site and my personal opinion is that both are inappropriate for the typical private trader.

I still regard myself as a beginner, so there may be useful information here for people who have been trading for a while as well!

This site does not have an open forum, as I have yet to see a free for all forum or comments section that doesn't descend into name calling, poorly thought out posts and blatant lies.

Suggested Site Reading Order

I sugest that the best order for reading the site is to drop down the Strategies menu and select.

  • Short Term Holding - This proposes buying shares with the intention of holding them for 6 months or less, doing this may give an understanding of what share dealing is really like.

  • CFDs - A get rich quick scheme that is almost certain to turn out to be a get poor quick scheme.

  • The AIM - AIM companies can appear to be like FSTE 100 companies, but they are not.